• You apply by sending your CV or providing your LinkedIn profile

  • A selection process including interviews (Skype) is conducted by INOV

  • A contract is proposed

  • A presentation of all INOV´s activities and how to use our services is organised

  • You get started

Who is behind INOV FINANCE?

Bernard Retali is the founder and CEO of INOV. He has 20 years of experience in the financial sector and has completed a number of projects including M&A, strategy, business plans, marketing and sales improvement. Prior to launching INOV, Bernard Retali held different CEO positions for Life and Non Life organizations. Bernard has a PhD in insurance (Diploma from CNAM) and a master in business law. He is fluent in six languages.

What’s it like to work with INOV FINANCE?

We consider our consultants as partners not employees. You will remain your own boss, with the possibility to get full back office support from us.  We are there to help you in your decisions and make your job easier.  You can also decide if you want to work with us full time or only call us for specific projects. The income is based on commission for each project that is carried out with the support of INOV Finance.

How can I become a consultant?

There are two possibilities for joining INOV Finance as a consultant. You can either directly apply on the website or you get a recommendation from one of our current consultants. Over the next steps, INOV Finance will proceed with a pre-selection process followed by two interview sessions. Immediately after joining our team of consultants you will get full support for your future projects.